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Lively Jaroslawiec

Jaroslawiec is a touristic center located about 3 km from the complex of our holiday cottages by the Baltic Sea. You will find there many fish and chip shops, bars, restaurants, ice-cream shops and gift shops. No wonder that there is so many tourists!

In addition, Jaroslawiec offers a special trip to the top of a lighthouse. From the height of 33 m you can admire picturesque views of the Baltic Sea and the nearby forested wharf. After coming down it is worth going to the harbor, stay among fishing boats and dream about an adventure in the sea.

If you are planning to spend active holidays in Rusinowo, you must go on a bike trip along the training ground route leading to Ustka (approx. 28 km) or you can take the coastal route leading to Darlowek (approx. 20 km). There is a possibility to rent a bike in our complex of holiday cottages by the Baltic Sea.

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