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Aussie (pronounced “ozi”) means an Australian!

Even though we do not come from the seventh continent, you can call us this way. We have been living for 30 years in Sydney. Today, we want you to become closer to the unique atmosphere of the mysterious antipodes – who knows, maybe you will meet a kangaroo by the Baltic Sea?

We look after our comfortable holiday cottages together with our family. We are all enchanted by the spirit of Australia. It’s spells are hidden in various objects, paintings and souvenirs which can be found in the complex of our holiday cottages in Rusinowo. The holidays with Ozi-Holiday not only bring you closer to everyday life and culture of the far continent, but also make you a real traveler. We would be more than happy to tell you our stories while drinking a cup of morning coffee or a glass of wine on the fresh air.

Discover our exclusive offer of Baltic Sea Accommodation!

It could be the beginning of a big adventure!

wakacje rusinowo domki letniskowe nad morzem

Luxurious holiday cottages by the sea.